Planning an Existential Crisis

Hello friends! Today is Sunday, and day 2 of our 3-day potty training try. So far so good. She had no accidents at all yesterday! Today she woke up GRUMPY. To be fair, so did I, but that is what happens when a screaming toddler wakes me up at 6:30 on a Sunday.

So, part of this process is being stuck at home. For 3 days. Over Labor Day!! Guys… this has been rough so far. So I thought I’d get on here and blog about my awesome new fangled toy! I bought myself a little something on amazon this week, and it came yesterday!

This is my Me and My Big Ideas planner! Ok, so I know, planners seem kind of 1998, right? Like, isn’t everything digital these days? But there is this allure of the planner that I just couldn’t shake.

2015-09-06 09.15.48

How nice is it to actually write your list down? To not worry about autocorrect changing “Marscapone” to “mars alone” on your shopping list. To actually pencil things in. Highlight, doodle.

2015-09-06 09.15.59

I started filling in the month, and I got super excited about Comic Con at the end of the month! It’s just a couple weeks away! I also used it for notes on my Diablo III Monk build. It’ll be cool at the end of the year to look back and see my thoughts, my appointments, my lists…. I love this idea!

2015-09-06 09.16.12

I also ordered some stickers and add ins that are coming separately. Eventually I am also going to get some of the expansions. I love the idea of having an actual grocery list insert, since we plan our menus out two weeks at a time.

I see that this planner thing is gaining traction. There are some really cute ideas out there on how to fill out, decorating and using your planner. In fact this buzzfeed article actually got me thinking about how awesome one of these would be.

2015-09-06 09.19.27 HDR

Then of course I get all sad that mine won’t be that cute. I’m not nearly that dedicated or creative. But it can still be awesome even if it’s not perfect. This is a lesson I’m learning, slowly but surely. Why compare your craft to others out there when none of them are exactly like you? None of the artists out there have my voice. That’s the best thing about art. It’s unique.

2015-09-06 09.18.37

Guys… turning 30 has me freaked the fuck out. I’m trying to be really zen about the process, but the last year has been really rough. I never thought I’d be the woman who was terrified of turning 30, but here I am. In 6 weeks I’ll turn 30 and I’m finding ways to let go and enjoy the process.

This journal says right on the front, “Every day is a gift.” I’m so lucky to have my life and my family. My life is a gift. And here I can keep notes on the little awesomes that I get to experience every day.

10 thoughts on “Planning an Existential Crisis

  1. csinalaska says:

    May entering your 30s be the best start to a new decade than ever! I’m 33 and realizing just because I left my 20s behind is not the end of the world. I love this decade so far! I got to turned 30 in Barcelona, Spain on vacation and had my daughter at 31! Yes, let it go. Age is just a number 😉


  2. gingerxkid says:

    I bought a new planner recently and was planning a post once I got it going. I tried the digital age and wasn’t a fan. Which planner did you choose? The one I bought will work, but I’m disappointed that the pages are so thin.


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