Much Ado about Nothing – OR: The long story of my eyebrows (And an ULTA HAUL!)

I think when it comes to how we look, we usually have that one thing, that one thing we would just fix if we could. Magic wand, genie-wish it away. I think most people would assume I’d change my weight (I do have those days) And sometimes I muse about a boob-job… but the real thing that just sticks in my mind when I think about it is…. My eyebrows.

I started following Tess Holiday (back when she was  Tess Munster!) and adored her everything. Her hair! Her clothes! Her body confidence! But honestly? The thing that fascinated me, and made me crazy envious were those perfect brows of  hers! She had the most amazing brows I’ve ever seen!

I have very thin eyebrows, I have thick dark hair on my head, but my brows, though dark, are just sparse. I barely tweeze and I once even started putting Rogaine on them. Just to see if it would help. It didn’t. Here is a no-makeup post-workout selfie just to show you.

2015-06-21 12.54.43

So why am I telling you my brow life story? Well in the last 3 years I have been on a quest to get amazing brows. Can a girl with no natural brows, really be as on fleek as Tess? Well I was going to find out.

I started with Anastasia’s brow wiz (per Tess’ recommendation) and found it was great!

2015-05-13 11.22.32

But it’s pricey, and it’s hard to get a dramatic brow without it looking really drawn on. To be fair, that is probably my own novice application skills, but I seem to run through the little sticks really fast. So I thought I’d try something new. I decided to pick up some Ulta brand brow stuff.

2015-08-22 12.36.34

I’m a little terrified of using it, as I’ve never used powders and wax before. Like I said, I’m new to brow primping. I also got the pencil, as that is a little more in my wheel house. That way if I’m in a rush I can go the fast way instead, until I get better at the powder stuff. (Also any tips are greatly appreciated!)
2015-08-22 12.16.24 2015-08-22 12.16.50
But then this magical thing happened, because you know, Ulta rocks. They had this deal if you spent 19.50 on Ulta make-up you get a gift bag. YAS! My brow stuff came to $20 exactly. So now instead of a boring basics shop, I get to come home and un-bag my goodies! It says it’s worth $88. I dunno about that…. It’s a lot of smaller sample sizes, but I love those sizes. I use them up instead of throwing them away when they get too old to be good anymore.

Would you like to come along while I un-bag?

Came with:

  • Full size Legendary Lengths Mascara
    2015-08-22 12.55.30
  • Full size Brow Tint in light. (I love this stuff! Wish it was darker though…)
    2015-08-22 12.56.04
  • Mini Size Mineral Lipgloss in Sheer Opal.
    2015-08-22 12.55.44
  • Mini Size Ulta Lipstick in Basically Berry
    2015-08-22 12.54.32
  • 3 mini Eye-shadow Quads with colors:
      • Innocence
      • Buttercream
      • Havana Nights
      • Blackout
        2015-08-22 12.53.33
      • Champagne
      • Verdigris
      • Aztec Gold
      • Molten
        2015-08-22 12.57.08
      • Iceland
      • Peacock
      • Moonbeam
      • Sapphire
        2015-08-22 12.56.21
  • An eyeshadow topcoat Duo in High Maintenance and Gold Digger
    2015-08-22 12.53.43
  • Sunkissed Blush/HIghlighter Duo (Mini Size)
    2015-08-22 12.53.52
  • Mini Nailpolish in Bitter Sweet (This is GORGEOUS! It got chipped on my nail, but you can see the color…. kind of a reddish brown.)
    2015-08-22 12.56.51
  • And a Full Size two-sided eyeliner in Deep Brown and Black
    2015-08-22 12.57.26
  • Oh! and a mini make-up brush trio

    All in a cute Champagne colored make-up bag. That does not photograph well in my very yellow room. Ugh.

Well that was my haul, and I only paid $21 with tax for all of it! YAS! Happy Saturday to me. Oh, and I got a good spritz of J’adore Dior on my shirt too. That is my favorite perfume!

Thanks for reading! See you next time I get a good haul, have some deep thoughts, or a question I need your help with

4 thoughts on “Much Ado about Nothing – OR: The long story of my eyebrows (And an ULTA HAUL!)

  1. Amy F. says:

    Just started following you on Instagram and here after seeing your comment in themilitantbaker’s post…..thought you are totes rad, so here I am.

    I have a zillion brow products and can’t seem to achieve the perfect brow. Thought I’d come close but then I changed my hair color and chopped it all off so now that nearly perfected brow won’t work with this new look anymore and I have to start at ground zero. Sucks!


    1. pinacoladamama says:

      AH! I know the pain! My brows have been a constant battle since middle school. I’m ready for thin brows to come back! haha! Hey, if you’re on facebook, I have a page there where I post lots of fun stuff. it’s also called Fat Mom Wriring. Thanks for the follow!


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